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New Patient Center

Imperial Family Chiropractic’s open-concept space is warm and inviting. All ages will feel at home in our relaxing and comfortable environment. Dr. Cory and Dr. Mel look forward to meeting you!

The First Visit

This appointment takes about 45 minutes. We’ll have you fill out paperwork when you arrive, then take noninvasive scans to determine the health of your nervous system. You’ll also have a picture taken of your posture to evaluate your spinal health. Your chiropractor will talk to you about your health history and do an examination, including taking your vital signs. Once we’ve determined that your condition can benefit from what we do, we’ll give you a chiropractic adjustment.

The Second Visit

This appointment takes about 30 minutes. Your chiropractor will meet with you to go over their findings from your previous visit. They’ll prescribe a treatment plan that’s specific to you and your concerns, then give you another chiropractic adjustment. We’ll also go through all financing options with you.

Regular Visits

footer_widget_button_call-usAs you continue care, your visits take just 5-15 minutes. Some of our patients choose to keep seeing us because they feel the incredible difference chiropractic care makes in their life. We respect your choice, and you are welcome to use chiropractic care as it best fits into your lifestyle.

Contact us today to find out what we can do for you! Same-day appointments are available.

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