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Discover Wellness With Farmington Chiropractors


Chiropractor Farmington for Imperial Wellness

Whether you seek an alternative to taking medications and resorting to risky surgeries or simply want to reach your full potential, Imperial Family Chiropractic is here for you. Farmington Chiropractors Dr. Cory Blanchard and Dr. Melissa Agnew deliver the latest technologies and techniques in the field to benefit all ages, from babies to seniors.

Our mission is to provide imperial health and happiness to families in our community by creating an environment of self-healing through adjusting subluxations, providing nutritional support and educating our patients.

Chiropractor Farmington MNBuilding an Empire of Healthy Families

We offer health care for everyone in your family. Chiropractic care, though commonly associated with neck and back pain, actually focuses on promoting your full-body health. It seeks the cause of your condition or concern, assisting your brain and body to properly communicate with each other.

This optimal communication, in turn, allows you to adapt to the many stresses of life in today’s world. The result is that you can move better, function at a higher level and get more out of life!

In addition to chiropractic care, we offer nutrition services and products to help speed your healing.

Staying Active and Participating Fully

Athletes can see incredible benefits from care at Imperial Family Chiropractic. When your brain and body operate at their fullest potential, you can not only recover from injury but perform at your best. Dr. Mel is also certified in Graston and Rock Tape®.

We’ll begin with using the cutting-edge Insight™ Subluxation Station to locate any areas of disturbance in your nervous system and a postural analysis. After a thorough examination, we’ll know if your particular challenge is appropriate for what we do. Then, our chiropractors Farmington prescribe a personalized plan for you to recover your health.

Contact us today to schedule your appointment! We offer same-day and Saturday visits, and a new patient special is available.